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Well - could you really cook something I could really not eat more? hehehehe--- suffering from a pinched nerve that is making my entire left arm one big mess - I know - I am one big hot mess - oh well... I am enjoying some red wine... and will eat some more potato stew I made with leftover pot roast beef ;)...

Lea - I can commiserate re the pinched nerve. Darn it all - so sorry you're suffering. Hope you enjoy your wine, the stew and feel better soon! Cyber hugs coming your way.

You know me and pasta, especially of the hot melty cheese kind. You are killing me here with the oh so decadent addition of the Béchamel!

We love our sauces around here ...and I wonder why I'm blowing up like a balloon???? Ha.

Now is'nt that a good idea...and a break from the usual canneloni or lasagne, one for the favourites list for sure.

We really enjoy the combination of a good meat sauce and bechamel. I don't think there's any way to mess it up and the ravioli works perfectly.

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