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Wait....a hot tub? I believe you failed to mention that June!

You'd best give us lots of warning because it's dry - but that's about the only thing that is around here today. It's pouring and I'm lovin' every single solitary drop!

Oh my, what a lovely bit of heaven you have right there! I look at that home and I get a feeling of love and happiness - like I know only good things happen there! - It is a happy house - like my house, here on the Bayou! I love all of your flowers and gorgeous plants - and those views - oh my! And the story of the gentlemen who lived their before you - ahhhh - the stories they could tell! - fun times for sure! You and the Big Guy chose well - you will certainly be happy in that home! - Soon - he will be home for good - well, except for the odd hunting expedition, now and again...

Lea ...and fishing, mushroom collecting, crawdad catchin', wood cutting... and so on and so on. LOL You're so right - it is a happy home and we're so lucky to have found it. Apparently they entertained and had a lot of dinner parties and we'll be happy to carry on the tradition.

Spectaular views and the secret garden is great, and all those lovely trees surrounding you, sounds like you got a real find there.

That we did Shaun! Three quarters of an acre with lots of space between us and neighbors, I'd say we hit the motherlode. Now, if only I had a green thumb!

Did I tell you...most herbs grow great here? Basil, not so much though.

There's a huge mystery plant in the front flower bed that smells like anise though I'm not sure what'll become of it since I'm not much of a licorice fan; however, I'm thinking about planting herbs there. Too bad about basil though because it's my favorite. Might have to do that one hydroponically inside instead of outside, huh or maybe push for a little greenhouse. Now there's an idea!

Hey - an idea about identifying the mystery plant - take a photo of it and also bring a cutting of it to a local nursery and ask them what it is... if they don't know - they can probably find out for you! If not - your local county extension agent should be able to help you! They also have a Master Gardener program that you might want to look into... fun for you and the Big Guy now that you will be retired together!

Lea - that's a GREAT idea, in fact they're all great ideas. It's so fun walking around our yard because things are growing and blooming and it's a little like Christmas and/or Forrest Gump's box of chocolates. Ya' never know what you're gonna' get.

Congratulations, June and the Big Guy, Wow, some digs my friends. Love the view, love the house, love the garden. Bravo! The plant that smells like anise may be sweet cicely if it has a fern like leaf.

Thanks Tom. We love it and now you know why I said we need you here! I'll check out "sweet cicely" ..what a fabulous name and/or will send you a pic of the mystery plant.

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