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Comfort is a must - and I bet you are hitting all of your favorite spots one last time before you head out of town - and I don't blame you one bit!

Lea - you got that right and better yet, the place I bragged about (17th Street Market) because they carried the best duck legs is closing down so I'll have to find a new source anyway. Lorraine brought me some information about the local "duck of the month club" so I'll be checking that out pdq.

Hey i've got some duck legs in the fridge, ready to be confit'd this week. Bratwurst/Bockwurst I love, saurkraut not so much, too broken down for me, the turkish kebab shops here do a pickled cabbage, done in olive oil, lemon juice and white wine vinegar which after a couple of days is just right, nice crunch, added to some bratwurst in a warmed pitta, fresh chilli sauce...I'm hungry now lol.

Shaun - I'm jealous. Duck confit - oh man! The pickled cabbage sounds wonderful and I love the idea of brats in pita with chilli sauce. I'm hungry too but the duck is claiming a lot more of my attention. LOL.

June the duck legs were amazing, confit'd in goose fat (could'nt get duck fat), and crisped up under a hot grill, I shall make a bigger batch next time they are on offer and store in the cooled fat for later use.

I love brats! The kraut is the perfect addition. Did I ever tell you that when the guys were building my house they didn't install the stairs up to the living area until they were well along. Apparently builders never like it when the "lady of the house" is on site.

Shaun - I really am jealous. You know how I love duck. You've given me what Lea calls "the envie".

Lorraine - too funny about the stairs in the house. I'm sure our contractors are thanking their lucky stars that I'm here in Tucson while they're there in Waldport working on the house. Still, I manage to make myself present. LOL

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