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I love oven fried chix and will certainly try your version - looks great with the green peeping out!!!!! love green food!!!!

Our visiting Colombian niece is 14 and not a very adventurous eater - so she ate another burger for supper - a good burger - not a chain burger - mind you - but a burger none-the-less. I had yummy crab cakes and a wonderful glass of shiraz after we saw Avatar - stunning! (but i like happy endings) Today is the Aquarium and the IMax theatre!!!! And rain - hence the inside activities... Glad you are drying out!!! Eating out again today - actually missing MY food hehehehe.

The Colonel has nothing on you girl! This looks like a great lower-fat recipe.

Hope your weather is back to normal today and that Max doesn't go into full-blown seizure status for you.

Lea - Sounds like you're having a fun time. Love the Aquarium and IMax never mind crab cakes & wine - ya got me on that one.

Mags - weather is back to normal at the moment but boy we sure have a lot of clean up to do. Apparently there's more on the way and it is cold (only 46 right now). Max is hanging in there but he doesn't look great. The little thief! Last week it was SOS pads & this week cat food. What's next?

This "food program" is a blessing for me as well, just going right along with you and feeling so much more healthy for it! Have the Chicken Butternut Tagine, Curried Red Lentil Stew and Sausage Tortellini soup (my favorite) on the menu for this week. And oops,an apple pie baking in the oven. Oh, and actually enjoying cauliflower (shock, *gasp*). Love you guys, hope Maxi is OK. Cleo ate some leftover curry and vomitted all over the carpet. Thank goodness for Miracle Clean.

Saw you visiting today and upping my numbers. Thanks for being such a regular fan and for commenting. It means the world to me! Apple pie - oh yum. I have one question re Cleo, your sweet little four legged furry friend - who's curry recipe? LOL We love you guys too!

You are being so-o-o good. I wish I had your willpower! Soon I will be able to cook in a real kitchen again!

Sarah - not sooo good today unfortunately! Oh well there's always tomorrow. (I made more cookies for the great white hunters and had to test 'em). I'm worried about you making that trip north this time of year. Hope we get to travel along with you!

June - Navin's curry version...basically burnin the curry, then adding the seasoned chicken and the add the peas later. Easy, breezy and delicious! What we think is the key is the green seasoning that sits on the chicken beforehand. Cleo doesn't care for it much even though we do! Tomorrow night I'm going to tackle the cauliflower casserole. Can't wait!

Sophia - the curry sounds wonderful. Love the stuff and some day I hope you guys are going to cook it for us. Hope you like the cauliflower casserole. It is a real keeper (so's the Manchurian one by the way). BTW - we made Tastespotting with this one. Ain't that a kick?

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