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WOWSA!!!!!! What an absolutly GORGEOUS cake!!!! You are my idol!!!!

OH MY GOSH! I am so impressed June. That is one gorgeous cake! Just so lovely. I had no idea you were so talented in that department. Really, just so so pretty!

Lea and Mags - thanks guys but it's pretty easy when the good Lord provides such beautiful ingredients. Course that said, he's also the one around to hear the air turn blue when things don't go right. LOL

That is simply stunning! Hope that was picked up by a food porn site because it looks orgasmic!

Nope not yet. I'm crushed, but darn it sure tasted good. Guess beauty IS in the eye of the beholder.

Such a perfect lovely cake!!!

I want to have a party tonight, to justify making this cake in all its glory. Although traditionally I tend toward the classic buttercream layers with a ganache coating, you have made a strong case for the strawberry mousse. I think the whipped cream frosting is perfect, too, because it lets the cake and strawberry filling shine. Beautifully done!

Deana - thank you and thanks for stopping by again.

Casey - Thanks so much for visiting and for your comments. I'm with ya' on the buttercream and ganache, but this is a great alternative and holds amazingly well; in fact, I think it's better the next day.

Good Morning, quick question for you. how does the mousse hold up? How long? and can I leave the cake out for a couple of hours? I will be using butter cream icing. Thanks so much beautiful cake you made :)

Hi Rita - the mousse holds its shape really well and honestly you wouldn't have to worry about it collapsing on you thanks to the gelatin; however, my only concern would be the fact it has whipping cream in it which isn't something you'd want to fool with too much. I think a few hours would be fine, but the cake itself does need to be stored in the refrigerator and holds beautifully for a few days. To be honest, I've never made it with a buttercream so I'm not much help to ya'. Thanks for commenting Rita and good luck with your cake. Let me know how it all works out OK?

Hi. I would like to use the mousse recipe to top cupcakes. Do you think it would hold up for that? Can you tell me about the stabilizer that is in your recipe immediately following the mousse? Would I need to use it in the mousse since it would be a "topper" only? I plan to place a whole berry on the top before serving.

Hi Marie - please check your email for my response. Your idea sounds wonderful!

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