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You BTU bragger, you. (Glad to hear you're loving your new stove!)

Great looking pasta June.... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Hee,hee,hee. Figured you'd get a "rise" out'a that. Merry Christmas to you too Mags!

Are you the brave soul, getting a new stove just before a big meal! I miss my beautiful gas range. You should post a picture for us.

Yay for this picture being on Tastespotting!

Also, I'm super jealous about the new oven; mine heats unevenly from left to right and from front to back, and is usually about 50 degrees too hot!

Sarah - it's been a challenge. The oven is computer controlled along with the timer and I've already had an ISSUE! Maybe I'd better post of a picture of it soon before you see a dent mark in the front where I've given it the boot! Boy, it sure is proof ya' gotta be real careful what you brag about. Ha.

Hilary - Great picture isn't it? It's the big guy's and he's plum excited!

This looks so, so good...mmmmm... :)

Thanks Tiffiny. It is delicious and rather "seasonal" too with the red and green. A welcome change from all the regular holiday indulgences.

Looks delicious and I think we'll give it a try this week. Back from T&T, had Lap, Curry duck, stew pork, chicken masala, fish stew, and rum cake. Hmmm and to think we were only there for two days!

Darn it all Sophia - ya really got me with the curry duck. I love curry and duck's the best. Did ya' get any recipes?

Yum! You're making me hungry and I'm really trying to stick to a post-christmas detox! Guess I shouldn't be on tastespotting!

Post Christmas detox - mmm. Isn't that what New Year's Day's all about? LOL

No lucky getting any recipes...you know they never actually write anything down! But I DO have an excellent curry duck recipe from "Sweet Hands" Trinidad cookbook. One of the few endorsed by Trini's....I'll dig it up for you!

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